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Download the ready to use objects for the swingpole, tightrope and zipline here:


Zip Lines

These are the easiest to set-up, as they only require two objects, a slider & a rope. In the supplied wad the slider is located in the death slide slot and the section of rope is in the plant 0 slot. The slider must be placed into the death slide slot, but the rope can be placed into any static slot.

The maximum width of gap Lara can span with the zip line is 1 tile less than the height of the floor (in clicks) Lara starts her slide from.

For example if Lara starts on a tile 16 clicks high she will be able to span a maximum distance of 15 tiles before automatically dropping off.

Also note the slider will stop & Lara will automatically drop off when it reaches a point 3.5 clicks above the floor.

To use simply place the slider and the first section of rope onto the floor tile Lara will begin the slide. Both objects will be positioned at the correct height by default. Continue to add sections of rope & move them into the correct position until your zip line is complete.

The slider can be reset to its starting position, by triggering it from a tile, which Lara must pass over.


These are slightly more complex to set-up and require a new Lara object. Also when using a tightrope in your level, you cannot use the normal climbable pole (polerope) object.

The supplied wad contains a section of rope in the rock 0 slot, a null mesh object in the death slide slot & a Lara object, which has the additional new animations. The Lara & the death slide objects must be copied into the corresponding slots of your wad. The rock 0 object can be placed into any static slot.

Note replacing the Lara object will not affect any custom outfits you are using.

To use, place the rope object level with the floor & place a death slide object at the end of the rope you want Lara to step onto it from. Make sure the fat end of the null mesh is facing the rope. Place a normal trigger for the null mesh on the same tile. If you require Lara to be able to get onto the tightrope from both ends, place a death slide object & trigger at both ends as shown in this screenshot.

To get onto the tightrope walk up to it. Hold down the control key & press the up arrow. If Lara begins to lose her balance, release the up arrow key and tap the left or right arrow key as appropriate until she regains her composure, then press the up arrow key again.

Swing pole

These used to be very tricky for the player and could cause a lot of frustration because Lara had to aim at the centre of the pole or she wouldn't grab it. This problem has been solved with the making of a new object which only has a swingable section in the middle.

The supplied swingpole WAD contains everything you need. The pole rope object should be placed 3 clicks above the take off point on the floor and can be 2 or 3 tiles away from it. Remember to leave enough height above the pole for Lara to be able to swing around it without losing her head in the ceiling. As you can see from the above diagram, Lara can use these to gain height, opening up good gameplay opportunities.

In use, line up a jump to the centre of the pole. If the pole is 2 tiles away from the takeoff ledge walk to the edge and then take 1 step back, keep the control key held down and jump to the pole. If the pole is 3 tiles away, take a run up then jump to the pole. Some experimentation will be necessary to learn the parameters of this cool move.

The Lara object included in the download is from Coyote Creek, with animations and sound by Titak. The TR1 and TR2 underwater sounds and the Lara Aha are attached to this object so ensure you add the samples to your samples folder.


All tightrope and swing pole objects by Magplus.
Zip line objects by Gert by the Sea.
Swingpole Lara by Titak.

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