By Titak

There are two ways to import textures into Strpix:

1. Replacing existing textures with new ones using the Import Texture feature. The imported texture will be the same size as the original one.
2. Importing a totally new texture.

This also means you can import whatever size you want. But... you need to use WADMerger for this.

- Open WADMerger and open your wad.
- Click the Add Texture button. A window will pop up. Click the Load button on that same window and select the texture you want to add. Now click the Add button.
- Save your wad and open Strpix.

The newly added texture will be in the textures list somewhere. This depends mostly on its size so you may need to scroll through the texture pages to find it. Select the texture and apply it to your object. Save.

!! Make sure that you don't make any other changes to the wad and save it again once you have saved it in WADMerger: the wad will lose the newly added texture if you do. Remember: not used textures are automatically deleted from a wad when it is saved.

!! You can only add one new texture at the time. If you want to add more than one you need to do the above and repeat that over and over again until you have added all new textures. Don't forget to apply them to an object each time you have added a new texture!

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