By Aza

Written on stone

This is a tutorial about how to put writing on the textures in your level. You will need two programmes to achieve this, Tbuilder, and Microsoft paint. This tutorial assumes you know how to use Tbuilder. You can, of course use the paint programme of your choice.

Please note that this tutorial will show you how to apply text to textures 128 x 128 which can then be applied in game using the big textures facility in the Next Generation Level Editor (NGLE) by Paolo Buratti.

First of all open Tbuilder and import your tga. Copy the textures you want to write on to the right-hand panel. Save the copied textures to ‘My Pictures’. Open Paint and import the textures you have just saved in ‘My Pictures’; see below.

Click on the text button; see below.

Then click on the lower of the two panels at the bottom of the tool bar; see below. This will enable you to write on the picture without having a white background.

Then click on this icon; see below.

Left click and drag over the area you want to write on. Write what you want on your picture and save back into ‘My Pictures’.

To alter the size/style of the font you are using simply right click in the area you have chosen to write in. Then pick the text toolbar. Then pick the style and size of you font; see below.

To alter the colour, simply click on the colour you want in panel at the bottom of your screen.

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