NO CHEAT (for Level Skipping)

By EssGee

This is a neat little trick I figured out. It may not work on a hub level or levels that you go back and forth through using multiple Lara Start Positions, although a more complex setup might be possible using more LSPs.

This is if you don't want players to cheat and have a sneak peak at say a cool cutscene at the end of a game or perhaps to protect a bonus level, by renaming the Tr4 to Tut1 and using basic script to run the level.

Place Lara in a Box somewhere unattached to your main map. Texture it all black with no triggers if you're real nasty, or just a finish trigger. Place a Lara Start Position (LSP)(OCB1) on the tile.

Place a LSP (OCB2) in the real room you want Lara to start the level or where you want the cutscene to be triggered from.

Also change the timer field to 2 on the Finish trigger of the previous level you would normally jump from to this level.

So, in game the real level jump will jump to the real room. Players who try to start off from the cutscene level will be taken to the Black box.

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