By George Maciver

In this tutorial we are going to open a set of double doors using 4 puzzle pieces. First, place your doors and puzzle items. This would obviously work for a single door too.

Select one of the doors.

Now place a trigger for it on every floor tile where there is a puzzle hole.

Now select the second door.

And place a trigger for it on every floor tile where there is a puzzle hole, on top of the other door triggers.

Select the first puzzle hole object.

Bring up the trigger dialogue box, set the trigger type to 'key' and highlight ONLY the first OCB button. Click 'okay' and then place the trigger on the same floor tile as the puzzle hole.

Do the same with the second puzzle hole, but this time highlight ONLY the second OCB button.

Do the same with the third, highlighting ONLY the third OCB button.

With the fourth puzzle hole, set the trigger type to 'key' and highlight the REMAINING TWO OCB settings, the 4 and 5 boxes.

The doors and triggers are now set and when you place the four puzzle items in their receptors, in whichever order you like, the double doors will open.

This technique can be used with levers and switches, only instead of setting the trigger type to 'key' set it to 'switch'. You can use any number of puzzle holes up to 5 this way. The secret is the OCB settings buttons. If you use 2 puzzle holes instead of 4, the first OCB 1 button would be highlighted only, but in the second the remaining 4 buttons (2-5) would be highlighted etc.

Be careful when using levers and switches, however, as reusing a switch or lever will reset the puzzle for that particular switch.

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