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The WAD containing the animating objects that accompany this tutorial can be downloaded here:


Occasionally you may want to prevent a pushable object from being moved. It might be that the player has to first solve a puzzle or complete some form of task. Alternatively it may be that once a pushable has been placed on the desired tile you need to stop it being moved again. This short tutorial will show you how, with certain limitations, this can be achieved.

The following limitations apply.

1. The pushable needs to be restricted in such a way that from its initial & final positions, it can only be moved in one direction.
2. The animating object must not be placed on the path the pushable will be moved along.
3. The animating object can’t be anti-triggered; therefore you can’t repeatedly lock then unlock a pushable.

All that’s required is a small invisible animating object which, when triggered, will move in front of or away from the pushable object depending on the desired effect.

A WAD containing suitable objects to accompany this tutorial is available for download.

This picture shows the set-up for a pushable which is initially locked. The animating 10 or animating 11 objects are placed in front of the pushable. Once triggered, the animating object will move left or right, depending on which one you used, by 1 tile allowing the pushable to be moved.

This picture shows the set-up for locking the pushable into its final position. The animating object 10 or 11 (depending on the path taken by the pushable) is placed in front of and to the side of the pushable object. Once triggered the animating moves in front of the pushable locking it into place. Anim 10 moves to the left & Anim 11 moves to the right.

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