By George Maciver

Flip Effect 30
Flipeffect 30 is used with the Guide and Von Croy objects. For more information see the tutorial on using the Guide.

Flip Effect 46
Flipeffect 46 instantly removes all active baddies from your entire level. Why would you want to remove baddies? The most important reason is because there are only 9 animating slots available in the Editor and if you trigger too many baddies at once your game can crash. This happens quite frequently in custom levels because Raiders don't always shoot all the baddies and it is easy to leave 1 or 2 still roaming around from previously visited areas and they soon accumulate. If you then happen to trigger 3 or 4 baddies at once towards the end of the game, those who've left other baddies alive earlier find their game crashes.

Setting up a Flipeffect 46 is simple enough. Select Flipeffect from the trigger window and type in 46 beside it (remembering to hit the Return key to make the number stick).

Once you've done that, simply place your trigger. In this case, I've placed my Flipeffect 46 on a switch which also triggers a flyby camera.

There are a number of issues with this Flipeffect though, so caution is required when using it. First of all, One Shot doesn't work, so the trigger remains live at all times. This means that if Raiders return to the Flipeffect 46 trigger later in the level, baddies can vanish before their very eyes! Not good gameplay. So it is important to place Flipeffect 46 triggers where they can't be reused. Triggering a flipmap immediately after triggering the Flipeffect 46 is an excellent way to get rid of it. Placing them in strong underwater currents or on steep slopes Lara can't return to, or in corridors with doors which slam down behind Lara and don't reopen are other excellent methods.

Flipeffect 46 is also extremely useful if you're using the Scorpion slot. If there are any other baddies active anywhere else in your game, whatever is in the Scorpion slot will not attack Lara. Therefore it is important to ensure your entire level is flushed of all baddies before triggering Scorpion slot objects (unless, of course, you want the Scorpions to attack baddies first).

Flipeffect 46 can also be used with great effect to enhance gameplay. Being able to make baddies disappear out of camera view, for example, during a flyby, can be very useful during cutscenes.

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