By George Maciver

First you will need to have the bridge objects in your WAD. If you only want a flat bridge, then the bridge flat object needs to be added to your WAD. If it isn't already there, WADmerger will do this very easily for you.

If you want sloped sections, you will need the bridge tilt 1 and bridge tilt 2 objects. For this tutorial we will build an old rope bridge, complete with tr1 supports. The supports are merely static objects, again, added to your WAD using WADmerger.

We are going to build our rope bridge over a chasm with water below. So first off we need to build 3 rooms and stack them, making the bottom room a water room.

We will be placing the bridge objects in the middle room, on top of the water, and raising them up into place, so go to the middle room.

Turn off texturing and place all your objects. The bridge tilt 2 will obviously be placed at each end, the bridge tilt 1 object next, then the rest will be bridge flat objects.

The next job is to rotate and raise all the objects into place.

This may look good, but unfortunately Lara will not stand on this bridge. She will simply fall through the sections as if the bridge wasn't there. We need to place a dummy trigger under each bridge section. And this is how you do it.

First click on a section of bridge and then select dummy from the trigger type drop down menu as shown.

Make sure dummy is showing as the trigger type before setting the trigger!

Now carefully go to the lowest room under the bridge. If you accidentally click on any other objects on the way down, your trigger box will change! So make sure you don't click any other objects before you place your trigger. Place the dummy trigger for your first section directly underneath the bridge object on the floor of the lowest room.

Now do the same with the next bridge section.

Do this with every section of your bridge until there are triggers on every tile under the bridge. If you miss one, or misplace a trigger, Lara will fall through that section.

All that's left to do now is place the two supporting struts at each end. These are placed on the ground in the top room and rotated into place.

And here are a few examples of what you can do with the bridge flat and tilt objects.

The Imprisoned Spirits

Jungle Ruins

Jungle Ruins 2

Note by Bedazzled

When copying the BRIDGE_FLAT, BRIDGE_TILT 1 & BRIDGE_TILT 2 objects into your wad,use wadmergers smartcopy feature to place them into the correct slot.

When you place the BRIDGE_FLAT, BRIDGE_TILT 1 or BRIDGE_TILT 2 objects into your level, sometimes they will not appear to be there as this screenshot shows. The highlighted tiles are where I have placed the three bridge objects.

This is because winroomedit will sometimes place them below floor level, as seen in this screenshot:

Simply select the object and raise it into the correct position.

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