The Chamber

By Michum


On the occasion of a dinner Lara has met the charming Sir R. and was intrigued by the interesting conversations with this cultivated man. During her next trip to the area she decides spontaneously to make a visit, and travels to the private villa of the reputable gentleman. The butler asks her to wait in a chamber. Everything is going to happen in the same room. It slowly changes due to Laras actions

Release Date:   28/02/2009
Published at TRE on :  08/03/2009
Nb of Levels :   1
Duration :   30-40 mn
Difficulty :  Easy to Medium
Secrets :   1
File Size : 39.5 MB
Patched Exe ?    Yes
Playable on MAC ?    No

Playable without installing the editor

Screenshots by Amber Light

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