By Stranger1992


The chimes of a distant grandfather clock bounce across the main hall, its definite, shrill sound ringing upwards and around. All is still inside Croft Manor. Our adventurer, Lady Lara Croft, is asleep upstairs in her suite. What Lara dreams about is one thing. What Lady Lara Croft has nightmares about is another thing.

Join Lara as she experiences a mysterious journey of 'Spectrum' - the limbo between the dream and the nightmare world. The crossover point when such dreams cascade into nightmare. Live the atmosphere, breathe the tension and experience the extraordinary.

Release Date:   10/06/2008
Published at TRE on :  28/06/2008
Nb of Levels :   1
Duration :   1 hour-1 hour 15
Difficulty :  Easy to Medium
Secrets :   3
File Size : 30.68 MB
Patched Exe ?    Yes
Playable on MAC ?    No

Playable without installing the editor

Screenshots by Isatis Angel

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