Fortress Stonerock

By l.m.


Lara has heard about the „Golden Mask“ by chance. After a little research – Lara knows roughly where it is - at Fortress Stonerock. Also, she knows that she has to find two bullets, called „Bullet of Glory“ to enter the Arena of Death, whatever this these things may be. But she is not alone, her enemies are already at Fortress Stonerock, and they want to find the mask, before Lara does. Will Lara find the mask before the enemies?

Release Date:   02/09/2008
Published at TRE on :  11/09/2008
Nb of Levels :   3
Duration :   4 to 5 hours
Difficulty :  Medium
Secrets :   13
File Size : 80.07 MB
Patched Exe ?    Yes
Playable on MAC ?    No

Playable without installing the editor

Screenshots by Isatis Angel

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