The Ancient Knowledge
ByDanilo Rocha


After the events of Tomb Radier: Underworld, our heroine Lara Croft wanted to know more about 'The Ancients' that Natla referred to. Who were they and how can a civilization so ancient be so sophisticated? Lara found old letters of her father, Richard Croft, which led her to believe that there is a remnant of the Ancients buried under an Egyptian palace, next to the Nile River. What Lara is looking for is a document with their scientific knowledge.

Important: Please turn Vol FX OFF in the setup when playing!

Release Date:   08/03/2009
Published at TRE on :  08/04/2009
Nb of Levels :   2
Duration :   2-3 hours
Difficulty :  Medium
Secrets :   4
File Size: 17.5 MB
Patched EXE ?    Yes
MAC Playable ?    No

Screenshots by Amber Light

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