Masurao... Unkaged - The Skribblerz Stonez

By Aza


Let us go forward in time, many, many, thousands of years into the future. After many mutations, and cloning experiments, there now exists a clan of fierce warrior women called the Irn Maidenz.

The Irn Maidenz are a nasty bunch of girls. After years of wandering around the continent of Yourhope, they crossed the sea to the peaceful country of Skirtland, and began their reign of terror. They slashed and burnt their way across the country, laying waste to any and all that stood in their way; and ruining many a good marriage by forcing themselves on the gentle menfolk.

The only two things that the Maidenz respected were the Skribblerz Stone, a mystical granite flower that gave them the power of flight, and the statue of their mysterious Goddess. Only One man has the courage to stand up to the Irn Maidenz, and that man is Masurao Kage! Armed only with his sense of adventure, and his magical guns which never run out of bullets, he sets about gaining entry to the Maidenz stronghold.

The object of this level is to find the Skribblerz Stone, and discover the identity of the mysterious Goddess.

Released:  21/01/2007
Published at TRE:  17/08/2007
Duration:   Approx. 1 hour
Difficulty:  Medium
Secrets:   2
File Size: 63.14 MB
Patched Exe?    No
Playable on MAC?    Yes

Screenshots by Amber Light

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