The Temple of the Stone (Skribblerz Stonez 2)
By Bedazzled

Lara is exploring an ancient civilizations temple in search of the fabled Skribblerz stone, which is believed to have mystical powers. Will she survive the traps built to protect the precious stone from intruders?
This level is dedicated to my Mother Margret who sadly passed away on the 09 November 2007. There are no secrets in the level. The torches are only to provide an alternative to flares; they are not required for any puzzles.

This level is part of the Skribblerz Stonez 2 project, led by George Maciver. It is released together with 4 other levels:
- Forgotten Realm 2 : The Wanderers, by Amber Light
- Oak Island, by Aza
- Over the Rainbow, by Kitkat
- One World, by George Maciver
Release date:  10/02/2008
Duration:   40 mn to 1 hour
Difficulty:  Easy to Medium
Secrets:   0
File Size: 131.4 MB
Patched Exe?    No
Playable on MAC?    Yes, with the Mac scripts included in the download.

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